Kirsop Farm raises pigs on certified organic pasture. We purchase piglets in the springtime when they are 8 weeks old and then raise them on our farm until they reach market weight in the fall.

Half and whole hogs are available November, 2018. Reserve yours now! Click here to download and print our Pork Order Form. Please fill out and return with your $100 deposit to Kirsop Farm 855 Trosper Rd. SW #108-189, Tumwater WA 98512.

Our pigs are custom slaughtered on the farm and then sent to the butcher for custom cut and wrap to your specifications.

What Does Custom Processed Pork Mean?

Custom processing is a way for small farmers to sell meat without having to have it processed in a USDA facility. Custom slaughtered meat is “uninspected” because it is not processed in a USDA inspected facility. The WSDA Custom Meat Program licenses persons that slaughter or process uninspected meat animals for the sole consumption of the owner. In order to meet this requirement, producers sell live animals by weight (live weight) directly to the end consumer. Animals are generally sold in whole, halves, or quarters. The producer contracts with a WSDA licensed custom slaughterer (mobile truck or fixed facility) for on farm processing of the animal already sold. Once clean, the meat is tagged and delivered to a WSDA licensed custom meat facility for aging, cutting and wrapping, and freezing. Individual customers must call the facility with directions on how to cut the carcass. Customers make arrangements to pick up their meat.

What Is Hanging Weight?

The hanging weight is the weight after the pig has been slaughtered and dressed (guts, head, skin and feet removed).

How Much Meat Can I Expect?

You can expect 75-80% of the hanging weight. You are getting all of the meat from the pig, just not all of the bone, so this is where the hanging weight and actual pounds of meat you take home to your freezer differs.

Ham, fresh or cured                12 lbs 16%

Loin roast, chops                       9 lbs 12%

Bacon                                         10 lbs  13%

Spareribs                                    2 lbs   3%

Shoulder butt roasts, chops       6 lbs  8%

Shoulder picnic, fresh, cured     7 lbs  9%

Sausage                                        6 lbs  8%