Stock Your Freezer!

Our 50% off leg sale for September was great and is now over!

Now it’s October and I want to run a new sale: a freezer sale. Stock yours and clear out mine! Orders over $200.00 receive 10% off (any combination of whole birds or cuts). Place orders via email (, tell us what day you want to pick up, and we’ll get it ready for you.

Frozen Chicken Prices

  • Whole bird $6.50#
  • Breast $17.00#
  • Legs $13#
  • Wings $6#
  • Stew Hen $5# ($15-$20 average)
  • Liver $9#
  • Heart $8#
  • Backs $4#
  • Feet $3#
  • Heads $3#

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Unfortunately, we do not have any turkeys available this fall (2016). Please check back next year. Thanks.

Farmers Markets

NFM_Logo_color WEB largeYou can still find us at a variety of farmers markets like Olympia Farmers Market and the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets. For a complete list of the farmers market we are at, days, and links, click here.