Genine PotatoesCommunity Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a way for small farmers to directly market their produce to the community, and for the community to support its local farmers. Kirsop Farm believes this cooperation is essential in the realization of a sustainable Thurston County.

You purchase a “share” from Kirsop Farm, which entitles you to weekly deliveries of fresh produce throughout a designated season. You pick up your share at the Farm or at a convenient drop site. This arrangement gives you access to the freshest produce available at reasonable prices and gives you a direct connection to “your” Farm and your source of food.

How we choose to spend our food dollars is a means of voting for the kind of world we would like to live in. When we purchase food grown locally, we not only receive great food, but we begin to change our local landscape. Local organic farms benefit their community in many ways. They contribute to greater local food security and cultural identity, preserve green spaces, attract wildlife, and help circulate money within the local economy.

How Does CSA Work?

A share in the Kirsop CSA entitles you to a weekly variety of fresh organic produce for approximately 23 weeks of the growing season. Deliveries begin in June and continue through October.

A share contains enough vegetables for 2 to 4 people each week. The full cost for the growing season is $550.*

A $150 deposit is required to reserve your share. The remaining balance is due in four payments of $100 due April, May, June, and July 1st. We are also willing to personalize a payment plan specific to your needs. Your $150 deposit is included in the total cost of your share.

If you should have any questions or would like more information about Community Supported Agriculture, please call us at (360) 402-5028.

* Financial assistance is available upon request

CSA Pick-Up Locations

Kirsop Farm offers a variety of CSA pick-up locations in the Olympia and Seattle areas. You can pick up your CSA box at the following locations and times:

  • Tumwater (Kirsop Rd. SW)
    Wednesday, 4 – 8 pm
  • Olympia Farmers Market
    Thursday, 10 – 3 pm Friday, 10 – 3 pm
    Saturday, 10 – 3 pm
    Sunday, 10 – 3 pm
  • Eastside Olympia (Bethel St. NE)
    Wednesday, 4 – 8 pm
  • Westside Olympia (Rogers St. NW)
    Wednesday, 4 – 8 pm
  • Wallingford Farmers Market
    Wednesday, 3 – 7 pm
  • Columbia City Farmers Market
    Wednesday, 3 – 7 pm
  • Madrona Farmers Market
    Friday, 3 – 7 pm
  • U-District Farmers Market
    Saturday, 9 – 2 pm
  • West Seattle Farmers Market
    Sunday, 10 – 2 pm
  • Ballard Farmers Market
    Sunday, 10 – 3 pm

How to Sign-Up

Click here to download and print our CSA Sign-Up Form. Please fill out and return with your $150 deposit to Kirsop Farm 855 Trosper Rd. SW #108-189, Tumwater WA 98512.

The Philosophy of CSA

These are the guidelines that keep our CSA running smoothly, and you will be responsible for knowing them.

Colin John VallsCommunity Supported Agriculture is a relationship one step above a simple convenience, a give and take of produce for cash. It is based on mutual respect between the customers and the farmers. Under the CSA model, members pay in advance for the food they will receive, reflecting the risk that the farm takes to plant, tend, and harvest the crops. Kirsop Farm is not a delivery service; your membership is a contract to support the farm for a growing season and in return the farm will provide you with a share of the harvest.

Kirsop Farm cannot guarantee the delivery of specific crops at specific times in specific quantities. We leverage more than 15 years of experience in the production of organic vegetables to do the best we can do.

Your box will be at the specified pick up location on the designated delivery dates and time. If you don’t pick up during those times, we can’t guarantee that we can hold your box. If you can’t pick up your box during the specified times, you can send somebody else to do it. No refunds or credits will be given for missed pick ups.

Please return your boxes. Boxes are expensive, returning them helps us keep costs down, and benefits the environment.

We send out an email newsletter before each delivery. It has important information about the shares. Please take the time to read it so that you don’t miss anything.