ChickensKirsop Farm has been providing Thurston County residents with quality produce since 1996. We began raising chickens with the same loving care in 2007 for our own family and now we are ready to share them with you. We raise our chickens on pasture where they forage for insects and grass. We move their shelters every day to ensure a clean living situation and an appropriate application of fertilizer to the land. We supplement their foraging with chicken feed mixed on site containing organic grain grown on the farm mixed with field peas and minerals. We use the shelters to protect the chickens from predators, and to protect the rest of our vegetables from the chickens. The chicken pasture is dedicated for the season and vegetable crops will not be planted there until the following year, making use of the fertility provided by the chickens in a safe and timely manner.

We process the birds on farm using low-stress methods learned form our friends Nate and Melissa at Oyster Bay Farm. Our certified organic pasture raised poultry is available year-round at Farmers Markets. Freshly frozen whole chickens and parts are ready for you to take home and enjoy. Stop by to visit and inquire about prices.

Some of the chickens will be made available to customers for same day pick up in Tumwater (6136 Kirsop Rd. SW) at a 10% discount for bulk orders of 5 or more. These birds must be pre-ordered and picked up between 5-7 PM on the harvest day.  

Harvest Dates for 2018

We plan to process chickens the first two weeks of each month, June – October. Contact the Farm to discuss fresh chicken options.

Chicken Order Form

Download and print the Chicken Order Form to reserve your chickens when you want them!

Bone Broth and Chicken Stock

Our Bone Broth and Chicken Stock are 100% certified organic and made only with ingredients grown on our farm in Rochester (minus the tiny amount of organic apple cider vinegar). Our 16 ounce frozen jars of Broth are available at our Farmers Market stands throughout the South Sound for $10.