Chicken for the people.

At Kirsop Farm, we raise 3,000 meat chickens every year. That’s quite a few more than the tiny flock we started in 2007 to feed our family.

Even though there are more chickens around, we still baby them and give them the very best so every one of your chicken dumplings is as flavorful as it can be.

We raise them on pasture, where they forage for insects and grass. We supplement their foraging with chicken feed we mix on site.

Our movable shelters protect the chickens from the predators and the vegetables from the chickens. We move them every day so we can rotate fertilizer on the land and  make sure our chickens are always in a clean location.

The chicken pasture is dedicated for the season, which means we we don’t grow vegetables there until the following year. We never plant the chicken pasture too soon, to make sure the land is safe for crops.

We process the birds on our farm, using low-stress methods learned from our friends Nate and Melissa at Oyster Bay Farm.

Where can I get some?

Freshly frozen certified organic pasture-raised whole chickens and chicken parts are available year-round at our farmers’ market stands. Stop by to check out our chicken and ask about prices.

Also! If you’re big into chicken, we offer limited discounts for bulk orders of five or more whole chickens.

Guess what? We also have bone broth and chicken stock!

Both are 100% certified organic and made only with ingredients grown on our farm in Rochester. (We do use a tiny amount of organic apple cider vinegar. But it’s pretty much farm-grown, all the way).

Stats? Our 16-ounce frozen jars of broth are available at our farmers’ market stands throughout the South Sound for $10. That’s a screamin’ deal and makes for the best soup you’ve ever had.

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Use the following form to order chicken monthly, June - Oct. as chickens are readily available at markets. Fill out the form below and mail a check to Kirsop Farm, 855 Trosper Rd. #108-189, Tumwater, WA 98512 with a $10 deposit per bird.

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You must order 10 or more whole birds with farm pick-up, $6 per pound with a $10 per bird deposit. Deposit goes toward the total cost of chicken, balance paid at pick up.