Local. Clean. Humane as heck.

We’ve been raising pigs on certified organic pasture and delivering pork to our farm-loving customers since 2010.

It’s the most flavorful pork we’ve ever had. That’s because it’s incredibly clean, raised only on feed we make ourselves on a gorgeous slice of preserved farmland in South Thurston County.

We love our pigs.

We purchase eight-week-old heritage breed piglets in the springtime and raise them well, with plenty of sunshine and fresh air, until they reach market weight in the fall.

Each year, 10 to 20 pigs share the pasture with sheep and chickens at Kirsop Farm, in our intensive multi-species rotational grazing system. When they’re not cuddling with each other or napping in the sleeping hut, they’re off digging and exploring the pastures.

We feed our pigs a grain mixture made from crops we grow on the farm, along with peas from a local organic farmer and some of our ugly carrots and potatoes. In the spring, we also feed them greens. In the fall, they get some squash.

What is custom-processed pork?

Custom processing is a way for you to buy a whole or half animal directly from the farm at a great price.

Custom slaughtered meat goes through a licensed process overseen by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

The WSDA Custom Meat Program licenses people who slaughter or process uninspected* meat animals and allows them to be processed as long as the intention is for the meat to be consumed by the owner.

That means we (the producers) sell a live animal directly to you. Animals are generally sold whole or in halves.

Once the animal is sold, we contract with a WSDA-licensed custom slaughterer. Then we tag and deliver your meat to a USDA-licensed custom meat facility for aging, cutting and wrapping, and freezing. You call the facility to let them know what kinds of cuts you want and they custom cut and wrap them up. Then you just make arrangements to pick up your gorgeous, pasture-raised meat when it’s ready!

Should I buy some?

We think so. It’s the most clean, humane, flavorful pork you’ll find anywhere!

Buying in bulk is economical and convenient. The trick is to find the amount that’s right for you.

Think about how much pork you eat.

For a family of four, here are some estimates: If you eat pork as a main dish 1-2 times every week, a whole animal can feed you for 6-9 months. If you eat pork once every two weeks, a whole animal can feed you for a year. If you only eat a pork-centered meal once a month, a half animal will get you through the year.

Consider your freezer space.

You need enough of it to comfortably store what you buy. If you don’t have enough space to store meat from your whole or half animal, consider splitting your purchase with another household. (It’s a great way to save!) We don’t coordinate among multiple buyers, but plenty of our customers share the meat with others and divvy up the cost themselves.

Need help thinking this through?

How much meat will I get?

You’ll get all of the meat from the pig, but not all of the bone. When you order, you’ll see a difference between the live weight, the hanging weight, and the total weight of the meat you end up taking home.

A whole pig typically yields more than 50 pounds of meat. Something like this:

12 lbs. Ham, fresh or cured (16%)

9 lbs. Loin Roast, chops (12%)

10 lbs. Bacon (13%)

2 lbs. Spareribs (3%)

6 lbs. Shoulder butt roasts, chops (8%)

7 lbs. Shoulder picnic, fresh, cured (9%)

6 lbs. Sausage (8%)

Reserve for next year!

We’re now taking reservations for half and whole hogs for November 2019 pickup.

If you’d like some of our pork right away, cuts available at our farmers’ market stands across the region.

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