Our lamb is all about flavor.

Our lamb tastes simple and clean. People say it’s rich, earthy, delicate.

Our lambs are from our herd of heritage sheep, which we started back when a friend gifted us a flock in 2016.

Today, we raise Icelandic, Southdown, and Jacob’s Sheep. These breeds are useful for meat, fleece for yarn, and skins for rugs. (Some people milk them, too.)

We practice multi-species rotational grazing with our sheep, chickens, and pigs. Each animal takes and leaves different things that keep our pastures healthy. This, in turn, keeps our land, animals, and families healthy.

Want lamb?

It’s available in the fall, by the whole or half animal. Animals are processed through the WSDA Custom Meat Program and custom cut and wrapped by a licensed local butcher.

Stats? Lamb is $10 per pound (hanging weight), plus a cut-and-wrap fee. Average hanging weight for a whole animal is 50 pounds. Average cost for a whole lamb is $500, plus a $50 cut-and-wrap fee for a total of $550.

Reserve a lamb!

Fill out the form below, send us a $100 deposit, and we’ll set aside your lamb!

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Fill out the form below and mail a check to Kirsop Farm, 855 Trosper Rd. #108-189, Tumwater, WA 98512 with a $100 deposit per animal.

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